There's a literacy crisis in our schools today ... Here's what you can do to make sure your child doesn't get left behind ...

Reading and Books are the Key to Education and that is the Key to Success

Reading and Books are the Key to Education and that is the Key To Success.

In today's school system there is a literacy crisis. Students' reading skills continue to decrease. The school system is NOT teaching our children to read.

Within the United States, progress in education of the nation’s students by the nation’s schools is measured by the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) in “The Nation’s Scorecard”. In 2019, results in the Reading assessment indicated that only 66% of the nation’s students in the 4th Grade met or exceeded the lowest of three standards measured – NAEP Basic. 

This means that over 30% of the nation’s 4th graders are NOT meeting the LOWEST standard measured by the NAEP.

This was a decrease from 68% "met or exceeded" NAEP Basic in 2017, and 69% in 2015. 

At the 8th grade level, results are only slightly improved …. 73% met or exceeded NAEP Basic in 2019, but still down from 76% in 2017 and 2015.

As you can tell, if a student is not meeting the lowest standard in the 4th grade, there is little likelihood that they will “pick it up” by the 8th grade.

And the data shows the problem is getting worse over the past few years … not better.

Dr. Robert Needlman: "Literacy really is the cornerstone on which all of education is built. That means that if we want children to be successful, we have to begin early."

Do you want YOUR child to be in the group who fails the achievement tests in the 4th grade? Of Course Not! 

There are additional studies which support the premise that being a confident reader in 1st and 2nd grade is critical to overall academic success. 

So, we really need to make sure our children are comfortable with books and reading going into the 1st grade, right?
Literarcy really is the cornerstone on which all of educaitonis built.

Literacy really is the cornerstone on which all of education is built.

Why is the ability to read so foundational to overall academic success?

Children with reading difficulties don't have problems just in reading. Struggling readers will also have problems with related skills like vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension. They will struggle to keep up in their other core subjects too ... because they won't be capable of reading the textbooks and literature used to teach ever increasing concepts in history, English, social studies, and math.
     • How can a child decipher a word problem in math if they're a struggling reader?
     • If a teacher is covering a history lesson, how can a child follow the verbal instructions if their vocabulary is lagging 2 grade levels behind?

Most schools today simply cannot provide the one-on-one attention needed by these students once they begin to fall behind their peers.

If you have a child already in the K-4th grade school levels, it is NOT too late. Here are warning signs or red flags that might indicate a child is at risk for falling behind in reading:

  • Anxiety about reading
  • Difficulty understanding what was just read
  • Poor spelling and writing skills
  • Struggles to sound out words
  • Lack of fluency when reading out loud
  • Difficulty learning and retaining sight words
  • Easily distracted when reading or doing schoolwork
  • School work takes an unusually long time to complete
  • Problems connecting what is read to prior knowledge
  • Struggles with focus
  • Struggles to stay on task

It is critical for parents to watch for red flags that your child is struggling with reading ... so the problem can be addressed before it snowballs into something bigger.

Studies show that children who fall below grade level in reading will face potential failure in all core subjects ... which will worsen with each school term as they fall further and further behind their classmates. This could lead to a chronic struggle to be successful in life.

If your child has not started school or is in the early elementary grades, Dr. Needlman suggests: 

"Reading aloud with young children connects to some of the very most important parts of children’s development. It connects to their emotional development because they’re cuddled up with a parent, and to the development of language, and of course to the development of literacy.”
Reading Aloud With Your Young Child Matters

Reading Aloud With Your Young Child Matters

Why Reading Aloud with Your Young Child Matters

Dr. Needlman continues: “We know that for most children the path to school success leads through positive early experiences with books … before that child ever sets foot in a school room.”

“That’s what we want for every child … that they will come to connect books and reading with that warm feeling that they get with their parents. And then, when it’s time to start the hard work of actually learning what letters do and how you put them together, that warm feeling will propel them through grade school and high school and beyond."

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How Can You Give Your Child a Solid Reading Foundation Before School Starts?

Studies show that children are often ready to begin to learn to read basic words by the time they are three to four years old. Think …. Dr. Seuss books. Reading aloud to them, as noted above, helps accelerate this time frame.
With the right program, your child can learn to read and get excited about what lies in books for them. There are a handful of good “learn to read” programs on the market … and we have located THE best one for you to consider.

This program will provide the tools you need to help your child learn how to "decode" language. It's a proven program with thousands of successful students. It's set up to be totally risk-free for you.
Literacy Really is the Cornerstone on Which All of Education is Built

Literacy really is the cornerstone on which all of education is built.

You do not need to be a teacher to help your child learn to read.

What if we showed you a completely simple, proven and effective method that will have your child reading in a few short moments from the time you begin? A method that is guaranteed to work for any child at any age … even as young as 2? Even if they currently show absolutely zero interest in reading whatsoever?

A powerful reading method absolutely different from anything else that is on the market today.

What if this one secret to teaching your child to read … when used for just a short period of time … will create a radical shift in the future outcome of your child’s success in school and all around quality of life forever?

Did you know … how successful your child becomes in life … all comes down to the first few years? Teaching your child to read early is a direct link to academic success and prepares them for a successful career and happy fulfilling life. The truth is …. virtually every successful adult today was set on a path …. long ago … to being a strong confident reader.

This program is laid out very simply, taking it one step at a time. You may go as fast as you like based on your child's individual needs and capabilities. And you can slow down and give your child the time he needs to fully grasp a new concept.

Being able to "decode" language is at the core of early reading skills whether the child is 3 or 13 years old. Ultimately every confident reader has to develop the skills to decode language. By showing you how to introduce or re-introduce reading using its most fundamental elements, you can help your child fill in the gaps in their skill set.

Your child will see best results when you spend 15-20 minutes a day, several days a week, working beside your child to give them a better understanding of how to translate what's on the page into words and concepts. Your child will grow more confident as they recognize the repeating patterns in language.

You CAN do this!

How will this change your child's life?

Reading will no longer be such a struggle once they understand the rules of the English language and which ones apply as they sound out different words. As they experience improved success with reading by your side, their reading skills … and their confidence in other schoolwork … will take off! 

Reading is the most fundamental skill underpinning all aspects of education and a myriad of aspects in life.

All children must master reading to do well in school, and ultimately in life.

Numerous studies show increased confidence and reading abilities lead to:  
  • Increased levels of vocabulary
  • Longer attention span
  • Broader knowledge chain
  • Expanded knowledge of cultural references
  • Increased empathy
  • Exposure to greater diversity of thought and cultures
  • Improved overall confidence
  • Expanded imagination
  • Success in school
  • Positive attitude towards learning and reading into adulthood
  • Improved economic opportunities
Allichildren must mastger reading to succeed in life

All children must master reading to do well in school.

A child who reads can succeed at anything!

This program has over 30,000 successful students .. here are just a few of the comments from parents:

“My kids are excited and reciting stuff they learned from the program.” – Derek & Leanne

"I’ve been using the program with my three-year-old daughter for two weeks now and we both love it.”— Cathy M.  

"This thing’s incredible, and I look like the dad of the year. Thanks to you! I have two sons, ages 2 and 5, both love cartoons and toys, and up until last month couldn’t care less about reading. I personally struggled with reading when I was a child and didn’t want my children growing up the same. That’s what led me to finding your program. I knew how hard learning to read can be and there was no way I’d attempt to teach my children on my own. So my little guys are doing great! My five year old is bringing stories to me every night now and reading them flawlessly. And my two year old now reads signs every time we drive somewhere!” – Tyson C.  

“I really loved the way the program attracts children. I have two daughters who started school a year ago. When I realized they were having difficulty in reading the simple rhymes, I tried the program. They are not only improving at school, but they are always eager for the next lesson, and love reading simple short stories in their free time.” – Berta R. 

“This reading program consists of a full complement of reading lessons and resources to teach any child right through from basic phonics to reading and comprehension.” – Mavis V. 

“The program’s approach is one of the most well researched and highly successful reading strategies available for young kids. And it’s so crucial to get a head start on kids’ reading success at an early age. Not only does early reading success predict reading success at older ages… it predicts success across the board, in any subject. And it’s impossibly hard to catch up if reading is not mastered early.” – Fannie R. 
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